Hyland Eco Laundry

featuring equipment by Electrolux
Come experience the finest, fastest machines in the world.


At Hyland Eco Laundry, we strive to reduce the impact we have on the natural environment. Towards this goal, we offer the most highly efficient commercial laundry machines in the world. Our Watersaver Series washers use cutting edge technology to achieve the highest levels of efficiency. Several features of these machines make us more efficient:

  • Our machines have twice the extract speed as any other washers in the market today. This means that your clothes will come out of the washer with less water still in them. You end up saving time and money in the dryers, and we save a few bucks on gas due to the decrease in dry-time.

  • Our machines give you the option of saving a few quarters by using cold versus warm versus hot water. Most loads only need to be washed in cold. We pass along the savings here by offering the cold cycle at a discount.

  • We recently replaced our old 1million BTU 70% boiler with two 200k BTU 99.6% boilers. In addition, the new boilers are staged so that only one is firing when appropriate. The resultant savings in gas allow us to offer our dryers at 8 minutes per quarter instead of 7 or 6 minutes.

  • The installation of solar collectors on the roof of our building means that we will use even less gas to heat our water. We will have to heat the water from around 85 degrees to 120 degrees instead of from 50 to 120. Again resulting in a decrease in the amount of gas consumed to heat the water.

PICS of Water Heater and Solar Collectors